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Tomato risotto with shrimp

Tomato risotto with shrimp

've wanted to cook risotto, and here all has converged - and the broth, and the perfect recipe Gordon Ramsay, and rice for the risotto on the shelf. A lovely summer lunch!

Cooking time 50 minutes Number of servings4

Ingredients for Tomato risotto with shrimp

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Tomato risotto with shrimp

Step 1

Slice the eggplant and the onion into cubes, put in a pan with olive oil. Cook for 10 minutes.

Step 2

In a deep frying pan, melt the butter and add the rice. To cook rice in butter until it becomes transparent. (7 minutes)

Step 3

In the original recipe after that, the rice poured white wine (150-200ml), I did a soft risotto, therefore, limited to chicken broth.
You enter the broth 1 ladle, waiting until the rice absorbs the moisture and enter the following ladle. The process is very reassuring!)))

Step 4

To the eggplant add the capers and the tomatoes in their own juice.

Step 5

And cleaned and thawed shrimp.

Step 6

Try the rice if it is dense, but not a squeak on the teeth, enter the tomato-shrimp dressing.
Once the rice a little stew (about 5 minutes), enter the grated Parmesan.

Step 7

Parmesan cheese stir until smooth, leave a little for serving.