The pancakes browned

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very tasty, soft and porous pancakes! You will not regret!

Ingredients for The pancakes browned

Step by step instruction of cooking The pancakes browned

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To start, break the eggs into a deep bowl, there also add salt, soda, oil, yogurt, water and sugar. All beat with a mixer, gradually adding the flour.

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The dough should be like thick sour cream and evenly flowing.

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Put the pan on the stove and give it like you should proselytise, or the first pancake will be lumpy.)

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Pour batter with a ladle on a frying pan and tiltable clockwise slowly so that the dough is smoothly flowed over the entire surface. Wait. Should appear small bubbles, and the dough is never supposed to stay white.

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Then with a spatula gently separate the edges of the pancake from the pan to a damn well-turned upside down and overturn him. Give him a little grilled.

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and place on a plate.

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Bon appetit! )