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Drying herbs in the microwave

Drying herbs in the microwave

Brought me from the garden a huge bunch of dill. Freeze... already. Drier - perfect for me. Just saw this recipe...

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Step 1

Drying can be any greens. Color and aroma are preserved, and most importantly very quickly.I had the dill. I have it washed. After the water dried.Thick stems torn off - this is a must! (maybe vosplameneniya in the microwave)

Step 2

On 2 paper towels in one layer, put the greens.

Step 3

The top was covered with another cloth.

Step 4

Dried at full power of 800 W for 4 minutes, not stirred. For the first time after 2 minutes check every 30 seconds. Once the leaves become dry and brittle, lose their bright green color, we can assume that they are already sufficiently dried. If not, continue to heat another 1-1. 5 minutes. Then remove from the oven and allow to cool. RUB the leaves with your hands.