Berry-rye mousse

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Very useful and delicious dessert!!!! Something similar to Manne mousse with berries, but for our taste, even more interesting. By the way, he is very rich, so you can replace such a treat dinner. Recipe found in learn from marg_f.

Ingredients for Berry-rye mousse

Step by step instruction of cooking Berry-rye mousse

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Flour pour into a bowl and pour boiling water (all products are measured in ml.).

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If the berries are frozen, they are not defrosting, add to the hot mixture of flour and water and mix. If the berries are fresh, then you need to wait until the mixture has cooled, and only after that add berries.

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At first I used the immersion blender, and when I realized that the berries had already razbolelis continued to whisk.

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Pour into glasses (kremanku), you can immediately start tasting, but I put another half hour in the fridge (like Hoth).

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Bon appetit!