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Cake "Lemon" Citron from chef sadaharu Aoki

Cake "Lemon" Citron from chef sadaharu Aoki

Dear cooks is dedicated to all of you! Chef sadaharu Aoki (Sadaharu Aoki) is a Japanese pastry chef with a French accent. Famous for its GREEN cakes and bright colors. And its yellow, fluffy ball lived in my imagination for a long time. Beautiful, isn't it? Delicate mousse on almond biscuits... and some other combinations - mix from S. Aoki you'll find in my recipe.

Cooking time 180 minutes Number of servings-

Ingredients for Cake "Lemon" Citron from chef sadaharu Aoki

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Cake "Lemon" Citron from chef sadaharu Aoki

Step 1

Philadelphia cheese whip, spread into 2 parts and add each of the fruit-gelatin masses.
Mix well, until smooth.

Step 2

Slightly beaten egg yolks add to the melted chocolate in the micro, to be postponed.
Beat egg whites with 1 tbsp sugar in a cool foam. Set aside.
Then whip the cream with the remaining sugar. Carefully but quickly to combine half of the proteins; their mass is also to do with the melon adding lemon zest.
Add the chocolate / dividing/. Next, divide the cream in half and again to connect with the masses.

Step 3

Melon mousse pour in a form, in the fridge. When grabbed in the middle you can put a piece of frozen chocolate cream. On top of macaroons.
Can biscuit or any cookie. With the filling also can be varied.
You can on any you tested recipe of mousse.
Put into the freezer for a few hours, preferably overnight.

Step 4

Raspberry mousse distributable form in the fridge, grabbed in the middle and 1 tsp jelly pack 1x1 / water x powder/.
A piece of a cookie and cover with almond. Put into the freezer.

Step 5

In the morning, get our balls and decorate. To balls easily jumped out of the drop shape for a second in hot water.
Remember, eclairs recipe I was talking about the remains of dough, so their turn has come: the fingers grind into powder and sprinkle with balls.

Step 6

The other two I coated the diluted jelly/1x1/ with bags.
But jelly on a cold surface immediately grabbed and gave a grainy picture.

Step 7

Powder this is called velvet. A really velvety texture.
Top with a spoon, apply two strips of melted chocolate and roasted hazelnut halves.

Step 8

And this is crimson.
Bright jelly coating and gentle velvet with a sand powder.

Step 9

Mmmmmmm... air...