Shortbread with corn flakes

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Have long pondered the idea of making cookies with cereal. I bought in the store a cookie called "Corn" me and my baby very liked it because of the pleasant flavor and crunch. But then it disappeared from sale, so I took the plunge and finally got similarities with the most beloved cookies.

Ingredients for Shortbread with corn flakes

Step by step instruction of cooking Shortbread with corn flakes

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Oil, remove from refrigerator and leave in warm to soften. Corn flakes crushed with a blender. Should get a baby, similar in size to those of corn.

Шаг 2

Mix the powdered sugar, baking powder and butter.

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Then add the egg, crushed corn flakes, flour and knead the dough. It is soft, so when unrolling we pour a flour. Cut out different figures and put in preheated oven.

Шаг 4

Bake until Golden brown.

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