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Making salad dressing "Well"

Making salad dressing

So you can draw any salad with seafood. Very quick, not a masterpiece, but quite nice.

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Ingredients for Making salad dressing "Well"

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Making salad dressing "Well"

Step 1

Take the finished salad - we were from squids, egg and green onions, dressed with mayonnaise. Trying to spread more or less evenly in the form of a cube. With dimensions determined based on the length of the straw.

Step 2

Around the lettuce begin to lay out the straw, gathering the well.

Step 3

Cut out cheese and fish. From one straw and make a "pie", tied to it a thin feather green onions, put the other tail on a plate and put the fish to him. Fish and onions can stick to the plate a drop of mayonnaise.