Cheesecake with cocoa

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Delicious, soft, tender. Did not expect such a combination. Try it!

Ingredients for Cheesecake with cocoa

Step by step instruction of cooking Cheesecake with cocoa

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Mix all the ingredients for the dough. Add the flour, knead dense dough. Divide it into two equal parts. A smaller portion of the dough put in the freezer for an hour (then to grate it on a coarse grater).

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The same mix all ingredients for cheese stuffing, mash well with a fork the cottage cheese, then whisk. Add vanilla.

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A large portion of the dough lay out in a baking pan and make a dough boards.

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On the dough put the cheese filling.

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For curd grate the second piece of dough on a coarse grater. Evenly distribute the grated dough over the cheese filling.

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Preheat the oven to 160C and bake the pie for an hour.

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To get the cake out of the pan when it is completely cool.

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Here such handsome man was the cut.

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Bon appetit! The recipe is not new, of course, but with cocoa in the dough, I think the cake is interesting.