Breakfast "Strawberry delight"

280 - 30 минут 4 порции

Indulge in the country of their children and adults in such a simple Breakfast-dessert. Good in heat and cold, is done very quickly and, believe me, very tasty! The idea I saw in the magazine "Lisa", made from any seasonal berries from my strawberry!

Ingredients for Breakfast "Strawberry delight"

Step by step instruction of cooking Breakfast "Strawberry delight"

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Cook semolina with sugar and vanilla until thickened and spread on kremanka or glasses with thick walls. The strawberries sort, wash, mash with a fork with sugar and keep on low heat for just 1-2 minutes, getting the sugar.

Шаг 2

Place kremanka on our porridge. Allow to cool a little and...

Шаг 3

...decorate with strawberries and mint leaves! I have Melissa lemon.

Шаг 4

Very tasty and such a mess with the strawberries that grew in the garden! Help yourself!

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