Riet salmon

250 - 10 минут -

Riet (rillette) - this pate hails from the French city of Le Mans. The most common variant is prepared from pork meat, which is stew for 7-8 hours, tear into small pieces, pour fat and stored in clay pots. There are also Riet of meat chicken, rabbit, duck, goose, salmon, tuna and trout. I want to offer you a tender and tasty Riet salmon. A similar recipe is Susie (Lacoste), but since mine is different, I still decided to upload, maybe not zarugayut.

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Ingredients for Riet salmon

Step by step instruction of cooking Riet salmon

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In General, everything is simple. We need these products. Forgot to take a picture of mustard and dill.

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Fresh salmon boiled or steamed, either in the microwave or just in the water. Let cool and mash with a fork.

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Leave at least an hour in the fridge.

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Of these ingredients is obtained 220g Riet.
Bon appetit!