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Ellery cake with cherries

Ellery cake with cherries

Preparing a cake for her husband's birthday. It is not very sweet, therefore, the Council for ardent sweet - add more sugar. And my husband loves the cherry. Moreover, a fresh as something not very much. But in cakes, juice, jam, ice cream well, just love it! The cake is prepared in three stages in the complete conspiracy!

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Ingredients for Ellery cake with cherries

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Ellery cake with cherries

Step 1

Step-by-step process of making choux pastry, I quoted here: http://www.povarenok .ru/recipes/show/629 21/. Anyone is interested take a look, and then I "swerve" in 1 step. Water with a pinch of salt bring to a boil. Add the butter (100 gr), to melt. Add the flour and mix well until the dough is "brew". The dough cool down a bit and drive it for one 5 eggs, each involving carefully into the dough.

Step 2

Cut out parchment two circles, "Spread" test, a layer of about 1-1,5 cm Bake at 180 degrees 20-25 minutes.

Step 3

Bake until the eclairs, I made cottage cheese. I took the finished cottage cheese with vanilla. Added pre-washed with soap and water a chicken egg and softened butter (200 grams). At first everything is mixed logikoi, and then "walked" blender.

Step 4

Everything is prepared in the absence of her husband. Procurement for the cake was carefully hidden. When her husband returned from work, I covered him in the hall a solid dinner with first, second and tea with cookies, and she rushed back to the kitchen on the sly "collect" cake.

Step 5

Put one cake layer on a plate.

Step 6

Spread with cream and put cherries. I had frozen that I previously pulled from moosilauke. By the time the "Assembly" cake she had just frozen.

Step 7

Cut each Eclair in half, fill each half with cream.

Step 8

Spread on cake cream down.

Step 9

Gloss over all the cream.

Step 10

Again prepare the two halves of eclairs with cream, but now spread cake cream up.

Step 11

Put in halves of the eclairs cherries.

Step 12

Coat the remaining cake layer with remaining frosting.

Step 13

And cover the cake. The next cake I covered a large saucepan and sent to the refrigerator. On top I put the pan with the meatballs, so beloved was too lazy to see what is there is under the pan.

Step 14

And the night before I prepared a "blank" for the custard. The milk put to boil. At this time, whisk the egg with 50 gr. of sugar and 1 tablespoon flour. When the milk boils, pour it in the egg mixture and, stirring constantly, cook until thick.

Step 15

Lumps I could not be avoided : (, so I used a blender. The workpiece for the custard I was cool and hid until the morning in the fridge.

Step 16

Early in the morning added the cream the softened butter (100 g).

Step 17

Of course, it on this cream too, and go blender, but at 4:30 in the morning it was somehow inappropriate. Daubed it with cream cake, carefully aligning the sides. Leave a little cream for decoration.

Step 18

Well, to decorate a masterpiece I do not know. Really sorry. There is already one can fantasize in their own way, applying their own skills and adaptations. For decoration, I crumbled in a mortar two lemon bars.

Step 19

Sprinkled with crumbs side. Very beautiful yellow crumb against a white cream. The top of the cake I use a coffee sieve sprinkle cocoa powder.

Step 20

Pastry syringe or bag I have. So constructed that such odnorazovoe "design" baking "fixed" tape. Do not judge strictly. Necessity is the mother of invention. Of course the side of the cake came out not superlatively, but as our first Ukrainian President Leonid Kravchuk, "What we have, maєmo those!" (I have what I have)

Step 21

Makeshift pastry bag I made a side and squeezed out droplets of cream. In every drop put almond plate.

Step 22

The cake for an hour went to the refrigerator. So what a surprise the Breakfast was a success!

Step 23

So cake looks in the context of