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Warm salad "simple"

Warm salad "simple"

Summer is amazing time when the abundance of fruits and vegetables makes us very lazy, and cooking becomes a pleasure. It's so easy for a few minutes to cook a delicious and healthy Breakfast, lunch, dinner. Please favorite family, unexpected or long-awaited guests. Warm salad is a wonderful thing which can become a full meal for dieters beauties or a light, but hearty Breakfast of our favorite men. And what secrets are hidden in the lettuce and the tomatoes... And the Royal mushrooms.. do You think that they are intended only for royalty? So...

Cooking time 7 minutes Number of servings4

Ingredients for Warm salad "simple"

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Warm salad "simple"

Step 1

All that is needed.

Step 2

Liver cut into large chunks.

* Salad is best to take the liver of a rabbit or bird, as she quickly prepared and remains soft and tender.

Step 3

Prepare the filling:
combine the cheese with olive oil, pepper and mash with a fork until smooth,

Step 4

Gradually add the orange juice, bringing the dressing to the consistency of gentle cream.

Step 5

In a heated pan pour oil, add the liver and mushrooms - fry for 2-3minutes, until almost cooked.

Step 6

When the liver and mushrooms are almost done add to the pan the halved cherry tomatoes, sauté quickly - literally 20-30 seconds, remove the pan from the fire.

Step 7

In a large plate put lettuce, they distribute part of the filling "drops".

Step 8

On top of the lettuce, spread the warm ingredients, add the remains of the filling on top and...