Cantuccini with almonds and apricot

130 - 60 минут -

Cantuccini is a culinary delight from Florence! Crunchy, a hazelnut, fragrant sour apricot, just melt in your mouth! They can be eaten at any time of day: coffee, tea or dipped in red wine, as is customary in Tuscany.

Ingredients for Cantuccini with almonds and apricot

Step by step instruction of cooking Cantuccini with almonds and apricot

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The first thing you need incandescent beat the eggs with sugar. Add salt, drop vanilla essence, softened butter and a good all beat.

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Flour mixed with baking powder, introduce into a creamy mass and mix thoroughly. Add the nuts and apricot, gently add to the batter.

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Flatten the dough into 3 bars, bake 25 - 30 minutes at 180 degrees, to blush.

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Taste I got the same cantucci, as well as her sister, who lives in Italy, but the form of bars — pumped up :( but I guess you add 2 cups of flour to the dough was more dense...

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Still warm, the bars need to be cut into slices about 2 cm thick and place in the oven for 10 — 15 minutes, until Golden brown. After all we create biscoctus, meaning "twice baked biscuit".

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I did 40 crunches, nice and crispy. Butter the dough with the scent of vanilla enhances the flavour of hazelnut and sour apricot adds a summer mood :)

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I love coffee, so for me, cantuccini tastes best with your morning Cup of coffee... Buon appetito!