Soup from stones

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Sopa de pedra. The brothers Grimm fairy tale, which is known to us less than others. It is about how the village came to strangers who have not been with him nothing but a pot. The locals are not hurt, then wanted to feed them, but the savvy guys have promised to cook for all of rock soup. You do not like this story? Well, of course - porridge from an ax! Different peoples fixers are preparing similar foods from a "wood", "buttons" or "nails", but... the most surprising is that soup made of stones is a reality! The soup I offer today for your attention, cook in a small Portuguese town of Almeirim. The role of the stones is the beans.

Ingredients for Soup from stones

Step by step instruction of cooking Soup from stones

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This is a classic recipe. But, in principle, in the "soup of stones" put any available vegetables: cabbage, carrots, turnips, greens... I added 1 carrot, piece of celery and a little cabbage.
Beans, pour plenty of cold water for 8 hours.

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Meanwhile, chop the onion, carrots cut into strips, cabbage - checkered.

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Chorizo cut into small slices. Bacon with layers of meat cut into pieces. Simple bacon cut into very, very small.

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Potatoes cut into cubes.

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Spasserovat onion until Golden brown.

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Add the carrots and celery and spasserovat until tender roots.

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When the beans are almost ready, but still a little hard inside, add to the pot of browned vegetables, potatoes, cabbage, bacon and chorizo. As soon as the soup boils, add salt and cook until tender.

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Ready soup remove from heat, take out the ear pieces and finely chop, return to pan. Once warm, remove the Bay leaf and pepper to taste.