Vitamin carrot-walnut burgers

298 - 15 минут 5 порции

Just 15 minutes You will need to turn the carrot, nuts and seeds in the patties, which taste not so easy to solve. And while all are wondering, what they are made cutlets quickly disappear from the plates. And if You are pressing the issue of the use of carrot cake, then this recipe is for You, this will really help.

for Lent

Ingredients for Vitamin carrot-walnut burgers

Step by step instruction of cooking Vitamin carrot-walnut burgers

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Collected here is a still life and begin the cooking.

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The cleaned carrots and onions, nuts, seeds and raisins puree them with a blender or grinder. I used the option of contributing to the development of muscle. Add the butter, salt, honey and mix well. Instead of carrots You can get carrot cake left over from juicing. Get waste-free production. In the original recipe of nuts and/or seeds with the carrot taken in the ratio 1:1. So it turns out tasty, but for me, fatty.

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Form patties and carefully coat them in the paprika.

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All! Collected dishes, cleaned the table and you can start tasting. And it is better to wait a few hours so all the ingredients are finally "friends". The finished cakes can be a few days stored in the refrigerator without losing flavor.