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Puff with meat Oriental

Puff with meat Oriental

The recipe was invented by me by accident, tested and tested to the great affection of her husband. To say that it is delicious - nothing to say. Crisp, spicy mince, spicy onions, soft juicy tomatoes, tender cabbage, lots of green... reminded Me immediately of Turkey with its spicy aromas of the East and the warm, sweet air. Barbecues and summer, sea, sun, bliss, cumin and coriander. Try it - you will not regret!

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Ingredients for Puff with meat Oriental

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Puff with meat Oriental

Step 1

The best is, of course, great homemade stuffing. I have triple - beef, pork and some mutton. Not greasy. You can take at will. Puff pastry-store use only. Choose plates. I had 2 packs of 2 plates. Total - 4. With them were 12 layers. If you think a lot, remove 1 layer.

Step 2

1 onion cut into rings and cover with vinegar, set aside to marinate while.

Step 3

Cabbage cut into cubes.

Step 4

On a very small amount of oil saute the cabbage until gold, then add some onions and salt.

Step 5

The second onion cut into half rings.

Step 6

Garlic (Zubkov 7) cut into large cubes.

Step 7

Greens (I dill) finely chop.

Step 8

In a pan pour a little olive (or vegetable) oil, put the minced meat and fry slowly, stirring, to avoid too large lumps.

Step 9

Put the onion and continue to fry.

Step 10

In the end you need salt, add the garlic and spices. Be sure to freshly ground black pepper, red pepper, coriander, cumin, Basil, a dash of turmeric. You can use seasoning for kebabs and pilaf, usually there is enough spice to give Oriental touch to the meat.

Step 11

Puff was parched and swollen.

Step 12

Now the main thing - it retribuite on more layers. Try trebuchet while it is still hot and soft inside. The cooling layers crumble.

Step 13

Meanwhile, even our stuffing is ready.

Step 14

Now the most interesting. On the bottom layers get tightly of the bottom. Above are the soft layers of dough, and the top will also be a bottom. The top layer baked puff has not become too blown out.
Put a layer on a flat plate or surface.

Step 15

The top layer of meat and greens.

Step 16

Cover the top of the second layer (too tight).

Step 17

Again, meat and greens.

Step 18

On the third layer put the cabbage and greens.

Step 19

The fourth layer the meat, greens and our pickled onions in vinegar.

Step 20

Fifth layer - meat, greens, on the sixth layer can chop the tomatoes.

Step 21

Then you alternate layers with meat and greens, somewhere, add the onion (every 2-3 layer), a layer of cabbage, layer of meat with herbs, the second to last layer I did with the meat, herbs and tomatoes.

Step 22

The last layer should be the bottom-cap. Total I got about 12 layers.

Step 23

Puff is better warm, so I put it in the oven for 15 minutes, at a temperature of 100 degrees. Now this came selecka c meat for dinner.