Kebab Greek

156 - 20 минут 4 порции

Yesterday I brought won in the contest a grill and a recipe book! I wanted there also to try))) Summary a simple pan grill in better times)) And the recipe turned out pretty!)))

Ingredients for Kebab Greek

Step by step instruction of cooking Kebab Greek

Шаг 1

Chicken fillet cut into cubes.

Шаг 2

Prepare all the ingredients for marinade: herbs, yogurt, garlic, pepper.

Шаг 3

Herbs and garlic are finely chopped.

Шаг 4

Pour the yogurt and soy sauce and put into the refrigerator.
I marinated the chicken for about 30 minutes. More - possible.

Шаг 5

I cooked the skewers on wooden sticks, which are pre-soaked in water for 20 minutes.

Шаг 6

Further all is simple: we put on our chicken skewers.

Шаг 7

Further options: I had e-grill, but suitable and conventional grill pan and, of course, barbecue!)))

Шаг 8

Roasted kebabs for about 25 minutes on the electric grill, 15 minutes on the grill pan.
I can say that I still prefer the grill pan, because it is possible to adjust the temperature and cooking time much faster.