Roast chicken in the style of "Zuni Cafe"

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Have you been to San Francisco? If so, you probably know that your American friends have invited you to the restaurant "Zuni Cafe" on Market street. And there you certainly had roasted in the brick oven chicken with amazingly crunchy, thin crust, concealing under a perfectly cooked meat, from chef Judy Rodgers. But if the trip is in Sunny California while only in plans, then a bird we can cook at home, delighting family and friends a wonderful dinner. Moreover, it is very simple, having in mind a few little tricks, and I intend now to you about them tell. Thanks for the recipe mi-amorcito c LJ.

Ingredients for Roast chicken in the style of "Zuni Cafe"

Step by step instruction of cooking Roast chicken in the style of "Zuni Cafe"

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Time - 30 minutes.
Here it is on their later - it is damn good. But no time to enjoy and relax.
The chicken should turn on the chest. Do it carefully and not hastily, separating the skin from the pan. If the movements are not jerky, the skin integrity will not be compromised.
And again in the oven. Already 20 minutes.

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20 minutes passed - take out the bird.
In the same manner we turn it again (latest) and put in oven for 10 minutes.

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All our chicken "like a chef" ready.
Carve the bird into serving pieces, garnishes at will.
I painted a La the Italian bread salad, with which it is traditionally served at the Zuni Café.
Chicken, salted by dry salting, gorgeous.
Meat salted evenly throughout the thickness, done to perfection, the brisket completely dry, just a miracle!
Description went long, although everything is so simple, and write something long about.
But I like a talkative lady had something to tell you :)

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The recipe, as I have already declared, simple. But not fast. However, your direct involvement in the process would require only about five minutes, will continue to work time. In tandem with the refrigerator.
So, all we need is actually a bird with a maximum weight of three pounds.
The carcass wash, cut the neck skin (if any) and be sure all the grease around the hole between the legs of a chicken.
Thoroughly dry the bird with paper towels.

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Aromatizers chicken with herbs. I have thyme and rosemary are appropriate and marjoram, and sage.
Finger pierce the skin on the breast from both sides and shoved back the small branches of herbs. The same is done with the legs.

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Turn of salt. I use large sea salt previously milled in a mortar, with dust to make her not try.
Salt requires one teaspoon (no slides) on every pound of chicken weight gain.
Salt the chicken inside and outside, evenly distributing the salt.
Break a few peas black pepper and sprinkle with the bird.
The prepared carcass is placed in the pan, cover and place in the refrigerator.
Remember about the chicken in one to three days, then all of the weight of a chicken depends.
If you are lucky enough to possess tiny chicken no more than a kilogram, then the day will be enough.
For more substantial birds will need two or three days (in secret I will say that I have birds and languished for four days in force majeure circumstances))).