Then the peanut butter

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Peanut butter. Hello my dear, long time no see. I have come to you again with nostalgia, I guess, age... once upon a time were sold in stores peanut butter jars with colorful lids. Haven't seen that, and the taste of the oil remember: dense, enveloping texture, with a pronounced taste of peanuts and with a light salty note. How was it delicious! Have been looking for a similar recipe, but those that came, not exactly. Tasty, but not that! The addition of honey makes the oil of the Caucasus, the Supplement is water - white and bland... it's much easier. Nothing more. And as a result, IT is the...

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Ingredients for Then the peanut butter

Step by step instruction of cooking Then the peanut butter

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Useful properties of peanut oil are very diverse and cover activities such as strengthening, anti-oxidant, toning, regenerating, moisturizing and others. Peanut butter has a very rich chemical composition, which determines the therapeutic, nutritional and cosmetic properties of this unique product.
Two-thirds of the peanut crop in the U.S. goes for the manufacture of peanut oil, which is used further for the production of crackers and other products with the taste of peanuts. Also peanut butter eaten alone or in sandwiches, and as a spicy addition to various dishes.
Here is the "nostalgic" jar. Empty. Fill?
Of course, do not argue, now almost no deficit, and certainly somewhere peanut butter is. But why waste time looking for what is easy to do yourself?

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Peanut buy more than you need for the recipe. I assure you, in the process of processing it wytschaete household. So take more, not to be nervous.

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Peanuts to pour into the pan and cook, stirring, until Golden Bochkov. Allow to cool.

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But not for long. Our pour chopped peanuts in a container with a wide mouth, believe me, in a high capacity blender for grinding on very uncomfortable: all the pasta on the wall to climb up. Therefore, once we take the dishes wide. Add the butter, salt and sugar. And begin to grind the blender.
First, you will feel that the mass is always dry, but be patient and keep grinding.

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The result is a thick, viscous mass, which fill our jar. If you shake a jar in hand, the swaying mass.
It into a jar and about a tablespoon of oil.
It is very tasty! I think that you will prepare this delicacy. How to use Yes think! In a pinch you can just spread on a fresh roll and drink tea.