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Pie of zucchini with meatballs

Pie of zucchini with meatballs

For lovers of zucchini - simple and delicious recipe. On top of crispy cheese crust, inside is a soft structure reminiscent of zucchini pancakes. Plus meatballs with Italian herbs.

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Ingredients for Pie of zucchini with meatballs

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Pie of zucchini with meatballs

Step 1

Zucchini a good wash.
Grate on a medium grater (do not squeeze!).
Add the egg, salt, baking powder.
Mix well, add flour gradually.
The dough is similar in structure to the dough for pancakes.
Prepare the stuffing: grind the meat together with the onion in a blender, add salt to taste and herbs. Good to interrupt. To form meatballs the size of a walnut.

Step 2

In the finished dough add 2 tbsp of grated cheese.

Step 3

Form for baking grease oil, sprinkle panirovochnymi breadcrumbs.
Spread the dough.
At a distance from each other stacked meatballs, slightly plunging into the dough.
Around the meatballs, sprinkle with cheese.

Step 4

Put to bake in pre-heated oven.
Bake at 180 gr. 40 minutes (watch your oven).
After 30 minutes of baking the top is better to cover with foil to keep it not much reddened.

Step 5

To give the cake to cool in pan, then cut into portions.