Cold lemon soup

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Something closer to the evening I was hungry and I wanted to eat something unusual, easy... all the same to sleep soon, what night to eat. Just made myself this soup. There was a very nice dessert, light, not cloying: slightly sour, slightly sweet and very aromatic. Ingredients low, prepared quickly.

for Lent

Ingredients for Cold lemon soup

Step by step instruction of cooking Cold lemon soup

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Here are the products we need.

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Semolina pour in slabolepszy a little salted water and cook over low heat until tender.

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With half of the lemon erase zest and squeeze the juice.

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Add the zest to the pan with the semolina.

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Beat to a froth the yolks, sugar and lemon juice. If you want to make the dessert sweeter, increase the sugar to taste. Before you separate the egg white and the yolk, very carefully washed it with soap and water, preferably economic.

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When semolina is ready, quickly cooling it to 70*C. I put in a bowl of cold water.

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Stirring slowly, semolina to enter in the Creamed mixture. Remove the soup cold, so he finally cooled down. In our yard +9, so I just put on the balcony cool just 10 minutes.

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Cream whipped with 1 tsp icing sugar. They should not be too sweet, just slightly sweet.
Pour the soup into a ramekin, sprinkle the cream.

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Garnish with mint leaf. With the remaining lemon halves to plane a bit of zest and sprinkle soup on top.