Salad-Changeling "healthy."

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Holidays for each family is not only a reason to once again showcase their culinary talents, but the ability to replenish their new cookbook recipes. After all, the holiday tables are always just bursting with rich, beautiful and not everyday meals. As a rule, begin the meal with appetizers and salads, which are designed to whet the appetite of one of its appearance. For decorations in salads in the course are all sorts of tricks: the ingredients are put in layers, the top part of the dishes decorated with various flowers and leaves from vegetables and eggs. But one of the most reliable ways to make a lasting impression on guests, make a salad "Mushroom glade", which fascinated me at the gala dinner, one of my friends. And now I propose to all readers together to try to cook this salad.

Ingredients for Salad-Changeling "healthy."

Step by step instruction of cooking Salad-Changeling "healthy."