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"San Marino" pie with ricotta


At the weekend I turned on the television program "taste of the world", leading was Ilona Bronevitskaya, where I saw the making of this pie. I liked the easy recipe and filling. Quite a bit, changed a few things in the recipe. The quality of the photo is unimportant. The camera will not open. Photographed in the morning and evening, there is no difference.

Cooking time 60 minutes Number of servings12

Ingredients for "San Marino" pie with ricotta

Step-by-step instruction of cooking "San Marino" pie with ricotta

Step 1

All of the ingredients.

Step 2

Flour, eggs, butter, vanilla sugar, lemon for the zest.

Step 3

Cherry, raisins.

Step 4

Ricotta, sugar.

Step 5

The dough is kneaded by hand until it no longer stick to hands.

Step 6

The dough turned out tough.

Step 7

The highest is too big and I cut it with scissors into 4 pieces. Raisins a little less cherries, cut in half. (The original recipe only had raisins ).

Step 8

Ricotta mixed with sugar, vanilla, cherries, raisins, zest

Step 9

and added one egg yolk. ( Original ricotta 500 g ).

Step 10

The dough removed from the refrigerator and divided into two parts. One part bigger than the other.

Step 11

Big roll

Step 12

put on a buttered frying pan diameter 28 cm.

Step 13

The upper part of the closed ricotta and lubricated with one yolk. Covered with foil ( this is optional ) and put it on the bottom of the division to be baked in a preheated 180 gr. the oven. After 20 minutes the foil was removed and repositioned the pie on the average division is also 20 minutes. The original cake is baked in less time, and temperature 150 gr.in. But I have still the old oven with 86 -year and the temperature is not accurate.

Step 14

The cake is ready.

Step 15

Very much even anything...

Step 16

Pie sprinkled through a sieve of vanilla sugar ( not vanilla ) and cut into 12 small pieces.

Step 17

Step 18

The expert gave the go-ahead. Flown...