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Zucchini Romanian

Zucchini Romanian

Roamed the Internet in search of anything unusual to cook zucchini. And found a couple of interesting ideas. One of them this cake. And the second present to you today.

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Step 3

This happiness pour 2-3 tablespoons of vegetable oil (I poured olive). The original recipe was offered as an option, sprinkle grated a small amount of butter.

Step 4

Ever try to cook the same dish, but with eggplant

Step 5

Step 6

Step 7

I gently moved the "box" of foil on a plate and scraped the sides.

Step 8

Turned out well, very beautiful layered cut.

Step 9

I now absolutely do not regret that did not take shape!

Step 10

And yet, this is simply delicious!

Step 11

Both hot and cold! And the spice gave the green onions.

Step 12

Bon appetit!

Step 13

The original recipe zucchini offered to cut into rings with a thickness of about a centimeter. Here is the "original" photo, for example, those who want to cook as well.

Step 14

But my favorite are the zucchini does not recognize. He insists it is to slice them very thin, 3 mm, 4 well, in an extreme case. Well, he loves me such that squash chips. Therefore, and zucchini with this method of cutting for this dish should be less.

Step 15

Now we have zucchini salt, poperchit, but I have a broken little mill, and grind in a mortar to me today was a bummer (well pardon me), but in the ingredients I added pepper, roll in flour and fry both sides in vegetable oil.

Step 16

Of course, the fried squash is the number of chips is not easy, because it is quite a lot.

Step 17

Ready zucchini spread on a cloth or paper towel to glass the excess oil.

Step 18

Tomatoes cut into thin slices of 3-4 mm.

Step 19

Cheese grate on a coarse grater.

Step 20

The original recipe was suggested to use the baking form, but my form seemed too narrow bottom and I built the box in two layers of foil of the perimeter as I wanted.

Step 21

On the bottom of the form lay out the zucchini. Because they at me thin, I put a little bit of "scales".

Step 22

Top tomatoes. First, like their salt, but then I thought that the cheese will be salty and salty. In General not mistaken, salt is not necessary, except that pepper would not hurt.

Step 23

The top layer of cheese.

Step 24

Finely chopped green onions.

Step 25

And again zucchini.