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Green soup "Swan song"

Green soup "Swan song"

A little soup all grandmother nursed.. And because we, the grandchildren, it was a lot! On a tiny pension she could not live, she managed all of us to please! Borschets I called Swan song: eat it in one sitting - and interesting to live!!! We were inspired intense heat on my grandmother's borschets from childhood: come the summer time that you don't want much dish of the test...

Cooking time 40 minutes Number of servings6

Ingredients for Green soup "Swan song"

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Green soup "Swan song"

Step 1

In the photo the necessary ingredients, but not all... in the process corrected. Cabbage leaves, green onions, spinach leaves, quinoa (5 leaves), rhubarb, dill, carrot tops, radish leaves, lettuce (I used two varieties), peppers.

Step 2

Boil the potatoes (preferably young), not cutting, cooking round

Step 3

All the greens very finely chopped, rhubarb clean and also finely chop, carrots to grate

Step 4

When potatoes boil, throw in a pot of greens, carrots and peppers. Dill, parsley, green onions and reserve for later. Simmer over low heat until potatoes are done

Step 5

The potatoes are cut, so when it is cooked - it should mash with a spoon. Optionally, you can add canned meat, you can do without it! Pour varenets. Simmer on low heat until it boils.

Step 6

Next, pour the dill and parsley. Add 1 tbsp sour cream, Bay leaf, Salt to taste. The soup needs to simmer, it should not "to boil". At this time, lightly fry the green onions and fill them with soup. Turn off oven and allow to stand for.

Step 7

Ready! you may wish to simmer the soup in the pot in the oven, it will be even better! Ukrainian recipe of the delicious soup with a pleasant acidity! Try it! You and summer Inspirations!

Step 8

Help yourself!

Step 9

Bon appetit!

Step 10

Here is a view closer)

Step 11

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