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Plum cake

Plum cake

I brought this recipe from Turkey)in the original reads: "Kek Erikli" everything I love: easy to implement, and delicious!!

Cooking time 45 minutes Number of servings6

Ingredients for Plum cake

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Plum cake

Step 1

Turn the oven on 180*C.
In a large bowl mix: eggs, sugar, sunflower oil and milk.

Step 2

In another bowl: sift flour, mix with baking soda and a pinch of vanilla.

Step 3

The liquid part of the test pour into the dry and stir.

Step 4

So, we obtain a homogeneous mass. The dough is divided into two parts (I divided eye, so I have a light test was more)
In the second part of the test, add 2 tablespoons cocoa. Stir.

Step 5

Grease the pan and lightly flour. First, pour the dark batter

Step 6

And on top of his light.
Plums, cut in halves, lay on the top of the cupcake.
Bake at 180 degrees for about 40 min. (depends on your form and from the oven)

Step 7

Take out of the oven. Here is our treat is ready!
Serve when cooled. Bon appetit!