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Daily soup "Where is my big spoon?" with garlic bread

Daily soup "Where is my big spoon?" with garlic bread

The soup I think of the summer as they lean, and therefore low in calories. It seems we are taking care of their figure, prefer low-calorie products.

Cooking time 60 minutes Number of servings4

Ingredients for Daily soup "Where is my big spoon?" with garlic bread

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Daily soup "Where is my big spoon?" with garlic bread

Step 1

Soak dry mushrooms for 2 hours in water.

Step 2

After 2 hours the water to strain through a thick cloth and leave it aside. Mushrooms well boil in a small amount of clean water.

Step 3

Lightly saute the onion.

Step 4

Add to the onions carrots and fry a little

Step 5

Add the boiled mushrooms and fry.

Step 6

Add sauerkraut and fry the vegetables until tender.

Step 7

In the water, which soaked mushrooms, cook the potatoes until tender.

Step 8

To the potatoes add the roasted vegetables and allow to simmer for 10 minutes

Step 9

Add the greens and allow to simmer for 5 minutes.
The pan remove from heat, allow to cool and refrigerate for a day. Through the day, try the taste, if necessary, potseluem.

Step 10

Prepare products for the dough: flour, dry yeast, salt, garlic cloves melkoistolchennym, hot pepper, vegetable oil, warm water

Step 11

Make dough and put in a warm place

Step 12

A day to get the soup, pour into pot.

Step 13

The risen dough, divide by the number of pots

Step 14

To make the cake dough, tightly cover the pot with the soup and place into a preheated oven for 20 minutes until baked cakes

Step 15

The soup is served hot.

Step 16

To taste the soup with bread, you need the cap from the test to cut and RUB it with garlic. Bon appetit!