Ture milk "Children"

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- "Eat the ture, Yasha! Milk!" Where are our ladybug? - Took away a little light. Sir for offspring Took her home! Nice people live In Holy Russia!" My grandmother often quoted Nekrasov. Apparently, I'm having a nostalgic mood, I surfed the Internet to read about the ture and found this forgotten with childhood recipe. Of course, it is primitive and does not pull on the competition. But I would be very glad if someone useful now to feed their "nehochuh" vacationing grandmothers and great-grandmothers in the village.

Ingredients for Ture milk "Children"

Step by step instruction of cooking Ture milk "Children"

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Of course, the proportions can take any, I pointed out the approximate.
So, take the fresh white bread, slice, cut off crust.

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Put bread on a baking sheet and put in preheated oven, I set to maximum heat to quickly. Dried bread until it will turn brown. (About 15 minutes).
Cut the bread into cubes.

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Pour the bread with milk, add sugar or honey.