Berry temptation

335 - 5 минут -

Real strawberry treat! Ingredients - 100% natural, tastes divine, and how much fun! A business somehow, for five minutes.

Ingredients for Berry temptation

Step by step instruction of cooking Berry temptation

Шаг 1

We need the Queen of summer - STRAWBERRIES! How much? Preferably, many and from the heart, well, how it goes...
More sugar, this is also to taste,
and a bit of chilled drinking water.

Шаг 2

First things first, wash berries, clean.

Шаг 3

Clean and mouth-watering berries, place in a bowl for whisking, add the sugar, a little water and work a blender.
Minute and ready!

Шаг 4

Taste, gasped with pleasure, if needed, added sugar or water, stir, garnishing with a sprig of mint. Well, to be in power taste, add whipped cream or ice cream.