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Soup "Mary"

Soup "Mary"

From the list of soups husband chose this one. It was very tasty, asked for more.

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Ingredients for Soup "Mary"

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Soup "Mary"

Step 1

In boiling water, drop the peeled and diced the beets and bouillon cubes.

Step 2

Onions to chop and spasserovat in butter, add sliced tomatoes. Simmer 15 min.

Step 3

Braised onions and tomatoes in a blender or RUB through a sieve.

Step 4

In the broth add the pasta

Step 5

Also add tomato-onion puree, salt to taste, cook for 15 min.

Step 6

Put chopped cilantro and passed through the frog garlic.

Step 7

Let the soup to infuse under cover 15 min. Serve sprinkled with nuts.