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Soup with pancakes

Soup with pancakes

Loved this soup. The only negative, it cannot be stored.

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Ingredients for Soup with pancakes

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Soup with pancakes

Step 1

Cut the meat into small pieces, add the whole onion, the onion in 30 min. to remove.

Step 2

Add the carrot and simmer the broth for another 10 minutes (add salt to taste)

Step 3

To prepare pancakes, first whisk the eggs, gradually add flour, soda. When the flour will be absorbed and will get monotonous mass, begin to gradually pour in the milk, vegetable oil and mixed thoroughly (first flour, then milk, then crumbs will not). Add to the dough chopped greens.

Step 4

If desired, you can use his tested recipe for pancakes (water, yogurt, etc.)

Step 5

Ready pancakes to roll the roulade and cut into rings (while I was fried, I ate them with sour cream)

Step 6

Sliced pancakes to put in each plate of soup.