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Cold ear

Cold ear

Summer, and with it the heat... this refreshing cold ear will give you energy for work and creativity. Recipe Lithuanian cuisine.

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Ingredients for Cold ear

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Cold ear

Step 1

For the broth needed a piece of fish (washed and cleaned), onions and carrots, cut in half.

Step 2

Fish cover with water, add the carrots and onion, salt, spices and cook, removing the foam, on low heat until tender.

Step 3

Removed the fish from the broth, separate from bone and skin. Strain the broth, cool.

Step 4

Fish, egg and cucumber cut into small pieces.

Step 5

Chop the spring onion finely, put in a tureen, crushed.

Step 6

Add the sour cream.

Step 7

Pour in some fish stock, stir, then add rest of the broth.

Step 8

Add the peas, the prepared vegetables and the fish, parsley or dill. Soup serve immediately. Bon appetit!