Pie Mojito

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If you have limes, mint and rum - the first thing that comes to mind is to cook a well-known cocktail "Mojito". Today I invite You to try my favorite pie of the same name (recipe Irina fadeaway). Come on in and get.

Ingredients for Pie Mojito

Step by step instruction of cooking Pie Mojito

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Then dobbelaer yolks and mix until smooth.

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Pour the flour and quickly knead the dough.

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Next, roll out the dough or hands (whatever you like) is distributed on the form(previously covered with paper). I suggest to use your hands as the dough will be very crumbly, brittle and can break. Send our dough to cool around an hour.

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Next, one lime remove the peels and add to the sugar with mint. The resulting mixture should be slightly mashed,but not much that mint has not collapsed.

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Now the three remaining lime cut into halves and squeeze the juice. Add it to sugar-cedrowa mixture. Mint needs to be taken out,then pour the juice. Optionally, you can add 2 tbsp rum(I added). Then to our mix add eggs,mix well and allow to rest for about 30 minutes. After a time into our egg mixture add the cream and mix well. This will be our filling.

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While our pie is baked, prepare the mint sugar. In a mortar or bowl, RUB the sugar with the mint leaves(5-6pcs).

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Ready the cooled cake and sprinkle with mint sugar. I would like to add one major thing.The finished cake does not need much cooling, the dough to become not very tasty. The best serving temperature 15-20 degrees.

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It turns out to be handsome