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Bagels on the beer

Bagels on the beer

This is a recipe from my grandmother. Digging on the site, I did not find these, so here... the Bagels are crunchy and disappear from the table very quickly.

Cooking time 120 minutes Number of servings2

Ingredients for Bagels on the beer

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Bagels on the beer

Step 1

Melt margarine completely.

Step 2

Add a beer. I had the most simple - "sapwood" light.

Step 3

Add the flour. This indefinite quantity I wrote, because every time out differently. In the end, you should have an elastic dough that does not stick to hands.
The resulting dough, divide into two parts and put into two different bags. And send about an hour in the freezer.
And while our dough is cooled, we need to grind the sugar into powder.

Step 4

Turn on the oven, so she has time to heat up to 220 degrees. Take out chilled, but not frozen dough. While only one package.
Just test mate. It should be elastic, not snap. And we roll it out to a thickness of 0.5 mm. Cut it into triangles. On each triangle put a cherry (I had frozen and I added sugar, but still better preserved) and wrapped in a bagel

Step 5

Baking sheet sprinkle with flour and lay out the bagels. Test one bag is enough for one baking sheet. Put in the oven. Bake for 20-25 minutes.

Step 6

While the bagels are baked, take out from the freezer the second bag with him and done the same.
Get ready the bagels from the oven. Now we need to move very quickly until they have cooled, roll EACH one in powdered sugar.

Step 7

And here is the result)))