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Pie eggplant with feta

Pie eggplant with feta

Starting preparation for repairs, was accidentally discovered on a bookshelf a book of recipes by Michel Montignac, and immediately noticed the recipe for eggplant with feta. Made on the same day, and were conquered by the taste of this dish. Tasty and unusual. One minus - it is necessary to stand in refrigerator 8 hours. Barely restrained so as not to try before and not regretted.

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Ingredients for Pie eggplant with feta

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Pie eggplant with feta

Step 1

1.Aubergines cut into slices thickness of 1 cm on both sides to lubricate them with olive oil, a little salt and pepper. Pour into pan and bake in the oven at 180 degrees for 30 minutes. Then wet the circles with paper towels.

Step 2

2.Red peppers roasted in the oven, then peel and cut into wide slices.

Step 3

3.The olives are crushed with a blender to puree.

Step 4

4.Feta cut into slices 0.5 cm wide.

Step 5

5.To take shape (Michel Montignac was proposed to take the pot, but I took the plastic container)and add in the following order: eggplant,

Step 6


Step 7

olive puree,

Step 8


Step 9

and repeat the layers in same order. The latter should be a layer of eggplant.

Step 10

7.Before serving, make a sauce of chopped parsley, sour cream, mustard, salt and pepper.

Step 11

8.You can now try.Here he is out of shape.

Step 12

9.And it is sliced. To cut you need a very sharp knife.

PS the Cake difficult to cut, so next time I want a little differently to make: roast eggplant whole, and make of them a blender puree, and feta lay slices, and mash it with a fork, I think this pie is better to keep the shape and not fall apart when cutting.