Sponge cake with pineapple and raspberries

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Delicious summer cake with curd cream and fresh fruit. Photos, alas, with the phone.

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Ingredients for Sponge cake with pineapple and raspberries

Step by step instruction of cooking Sponge cake with pineapple and raspberries

Шаг 1

While baked cake, make cream and jelly. With pineapple drained the fluid and put in the gelatine to swell.
For the cream in a blender, combine cottage cheese, sour cream, condensed milk and vanilla.
We shake up here is such a homogeneous mass.

Шаг 2

This is my raspberry ripe)))). Brag.
The most beautiful berries postpone for decoration, the rest is sent to the blender.)

Шаг 3

The Bank had 8 goals of the pineapple. 3 of them set aside for decoration, the rest cut into cubes.
Divide the cream in half. In one half, add the raspberries, the other - pineapple.

Шаг 4

Ready the cooled cake cut into 4 thin layers.
On the bottom put half of the cream with the pineapple, next almost all of the cream with raspberries (leave just a teaspoon for top of cake), followed by the remaining cream with pineapple and the last cake grease with a thin layer of cream with raspberries. Truncated)

Syrup with gelatin heated to dissolve the gelatin. I somehow was not enough syrup, so I added a tablespoon of sugar and a few tablespoons of water.