Vegetable tempura

125 - 30 минут 4 порции

Food should be simple, tasty, and most importantly - to bring joy! This dish of Japanese cuisine that is completely consistent. Vegetable tempura vegetables fried in batter, served with either fish sauce or very spicy. With vegetables, you can choose any, for example the ones you love the most. Even children with such supply will eat everything, and it will be fun.

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Ingredients for Vegetable tempura

Step by step instruction of cooking Vegetable tempura

Шаг 1

Florets of cauliflower, boil 3 minutes in salted water.

Шаг 2

Vegetables for tempura to slice and put on skewers. Small rings carrots, whole, large cut in half. Peppers with onion rings strung so that the onions were inside, the mushrooms small dress a whole, large cut in half, florets cabbage strung one on each skewer.

Шаг 3

For batter, take one egg and one yolk, add salt, ice water and flour. Make the dough a little thicker than for pancakes. I added 0.5 teaspoon of baking soda for fluffy batter.

Шаг 4

Drop the prepared vegetables into the batter and then immediately into hot oil and fry.

Шаг 5

Roasted vegetables are placed on the cloth and allow to drain excess oil.

Шаг 6

To make the sauce. Take pre cooked strong fish broth, add soy sauce and wine. Mix well. Everything is ready, you can apply!