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Sprats-togeny in oil

Sprats-togeny in oil

I'm back with the fish to you. It is the promised recipe of canned fish shelf in oil. Come, I will teach you how to cook fish canned in oil. We use this recipe for over 20 years.

Cooking time 240 minutes Number of servings-

Ingredients for Sprats-togeny in oil

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Sprats-togeny in oil

Step 1

Lay the fish in the jars very tightly, as if standing. To do this, tilt the jar on its side, put the fish and shake, then put the jar on a baking sheet and reported on her fish. This has to happen.

Step 2

Put the pan in the oven on a lower shelf, turn on the oven and waiting for the liquid boils in the jars - 30 minutes. Then the top off, heat only comes from below.

Step 3

So leave it to boil for 2.5 hours. The liquid will boil, but not completely, a little left at the bottom of the jars. Carefully take out from the oven a tray of hot banks. Begin to slowly add the vegetable oil, pour in the middle of the jar, so Yes the upper edge of the remained 2 cm. Put back in the oven for 30 minutes in the same position and the same mode of heating only the bottom. Oil starts boiling, liquid residue evaporates, the oil will become transparent. In the same way you add a little more butter in the jars almost to the top. Put again in the oven for 15-20 minutes to sterilize the oil.

Step 4

Got jars and immediately covered them with metal lids for rolling.

Step 5

Take the tack neatly in a jar, put on a wooden Board and roll checked peplum, my tested for 22 years. Strongly do not tighten, may break the Bank.

Step 6

Banks set to cool on the floor. Then check for the presence of the water - jar to tilt on its side, the oil should be homogeneous, without bubbles of liquid. These cans can be stored at room temperature, kept my children are students. If found fluid in oil - these cans can store only in the cold and eat first. I keep underground, sometimes more than one year, if you do not have time to eat. The bones become soft, the oil boils at a low temperature, does not burn. Canned food with no preservatives and the freshest of fish. With oil add a couple tablespoons of tomato paste, but if you want something Smokey.

Step 7

While my fishermen were sleeping, I managed to do 24 cans for your favorite granddaughter chugunkov in the test.

Step 8

So the fish - togunov of nets was chosen. The tugun - fish from the whitefish family, are simply divine, it smells of fresh cucumbers.

Step 9

A lot of produced fish, 3 buckets. Salted on the river. The tank pour 2 liters of water and Cup salt put the fish out of the Seine and take in the brine (solution) immediately lowered. Until you go home - fish salted.

Step 10

Now we need to prepare banks. Go out in the garden, the jars are sterilized in the sun on the fence. Their opolaskivaniem clean water and put to dry.

Step 11

Meanwhile, peel chugunkov thus: otsimisel the head so as not to damage the insides, separate the head together with colon.

Step 12

Here is the cleaned fish. It is necessary to drain excess fluid. Lay the fish in curslack.

Step 13

Then take a baking sheet and go over the banks, they already drain.. We will need 12 cans of 0.5 liters, so I included it on a baking sheet.