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Cupcake with eggnog

Cupcake with eggnog

Jubilee 300th recipe was special... don't know how long the house was standing this bottle of egg liqueur, and where it came from. but these delicious cupcakes I have ever tasted! and is preparing quite simple: all mixed and poured into the form :)

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Ingredients for Cupcake with eggnog

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Cupcake with eggnog

Step 1

Step 2

100 g of chocolate to grate shavings

Step 3

Measure out 250! ml of egg liqueur

Step 4

Turn the oven on 180*C.

For the dough - whisk margarine with sugar, add one egg, continuing to whisk, then the flour with the baking powder, liqueur and grated chocolate.

Step 5

The dough is ready!
You can cook a cupcake in great shape, but I did at Easter in the form of cakes. It turned out 8 pieces.
Pour the dough in forms and bake at 180*C for 30 minutes (in great shape bake up to 60 minutes).

Step 6

Ready, slightly cooled muffins exempt forms

Step 7

Melt in a water bath the remaining chocolate+a little butter
pour the cooled cupcakes

Step 8

Decorate as desired

Step 9

I understand that not all home "lying around" egg liqueur, but this cake is worth on any occasion to make himself such a gift.

Magic cupcake!