Courgettes with chicken in a delicate sauce

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My son doesn't like zucchini. In any form. This recipe he found on the Internet. The author claimed that the zucchini in this dish will taste like mushrooms. Prepared. Put a small portion on the sample. Taste - delicious... mushrooms of course not like, but very tasty... Comes to my son. - Mom, what are you eating? - Chicken with mushrooms - "little" cheated me. - Give I will try. Tried. I also want this!!! Zucchini season is in full swing for the Council to prepare. Moreover, the preparation takes a minimum of time.

Ingredients for Courgettes with chicken in a delicate sauce

Step by step instruction of cooking Courgettes with chicken in a delicate sauce

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This set of products.

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First, a breast of chicken freed from bones, cut into small cubes, fry in vegetable oil in a frying pan until Golden brown. The pan should be well heated, and the hen try to lay in a single layer to evenly roasted, but not the beginning to stew. Fry fast for 4-5 minutes maximum. Fried, put the chicken in a separate pan.

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In the same oil that was left after the chicken, fry the zucchini (also diced). As well roasted, put in a pan to the chicken.

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The next stage of the fried onions to a nice Golden brown. There is an important point - the onions should fry harder. Of course, not to fanaticism - activated carbon is also not necessary to do.

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So, all folded into a saucepan, added the cream, he poured 1/4 Cup of water and put it to stew.

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Five minutes all together, languishing on a slow fire, and finish.
Believe me, it is very tasty.

By the way, once again making this dish, and then at the crucial moment when I slice zucchini, comes my son and seeing my confusion, so patronizingly said:
- Come on, mom, I fell in love with these little zucchini!