Cakes of dough on the mayonnaise

180 - 180 минут 20 порции

Perhaps the pies hard to surprise, but here is the dough recipe for pies to surprise you. Unique recipe. It is unique because the cakes not stale for a long time, of course, if they are allowed to stay. The usual classic recipe of dough on kefir I have already forgotten, because the dough on kefir very quickly hardens, becoming tough, delicious cakes these only hot. But is it possible to use the entire batch of pies? That's why I settled on this dough recipe. On success I have it is in the same category as Khrushchev dough. Give this recipe attention it is worth it. So, the dough on the mayonnaise for fried pies.

Ingredients for Cakes of dough on the mayonnaise

Step by step instruction of cooking Cakes of dough on the mayonnaise