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Cranberry-grape compote "Taste"

Cranberry-grape compote "Taste"

Now the summer heat, you want something to drink, this compote is just right for you and your children. What could be better than a home-made compote! Berry touch will love your baby. The theme of the 7th round of the competition: "Berry abundance."

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Ingredients for Cranberry-grape compote "Taste"

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Cranberry-grape compote "Taste"

Step 1

Rinse cranberries, grapes cut in half.

Step 2

Fold the prepared food into a pot, cover with water. Bring to a boil.

Step 3

The zest of Mandarin and lemon to RUB on a small grater (after a good rinse the peel under running water).

Step 4

Add the boiling water to cranberries and grapes.

Step 5

Add regular sugar and a little vanilla, mix well. To give a little to stew on low heat, allow to infuse for 10 minutes, and you can enjoy the unusual taste (if desired, the sugar can not be added when the compote will insist he gets the natural taste of the berries).