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Light summer soup with crayfish

Light summer soup with crayfish

We in the Kuban region in the middle of crawfish season. Sell at every corner, and in the villages the kids to catch crayfish this is also the season "earnings ". Crayfish and fish, and nakupalis and home with the loot will come. First cancers, of course, relish every claw, then eat only the head and neck, but when it starts there is only cancer of the cervix, and the soup to cook. Moreover, it is fast and simple.

Cooking time 20 minutes Number of servings1

Ingredients for Light summer soup with crayfish

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Light summer soup with crayfish

Step 1

First, we need fish stock. I usually when buying a whole carcass of fish, cut it into fillets, bones and head cook, the resulting broth is cooled and portioned stack in the freezer.
For this soup need a low-fat broth, you can cook a piece of any marine fish.

Step 2

Cream beat until smooth with egg yolk

Step 3

Hot broth, remove from heat, intensive stirring, a thin stream pour the egg-cream mixture and put back on the stove to writing a rolling boil for 1 minute, not more, so the broth thickens.
So I used frozen broth I thawed it, poured the egg mixture and put in the micro for 2 minutes, took out the micro and mix - it perfectly thickens.

Step 4

Slightly cooled soup base, put it in the salad

Step 5

The soup was very light but filling for crawfish, creamy and slightly bitter from the arugula. The taste is very harmonious.
Bon appetit!