Rag pie

115 - 60 минут 16 порции

Yes, you read that right-a Rag pie. For me is the fact that the same concept in different languages is perceived in different ways. When I many years ago heard in the Greek language the name of the pie "Parasurama", it definitely did not impress me. In the Russian language, I hope such an unusual name after the first reaction will be of interest. I am also interested in this cake after one visit, we visited one of our friend from the island of Lero-S. he Brought a few boxes of local sweets, one of them and "puffed" this is cake, although he traveled on the ship more than 8 hours. It is the "puffed", duped unusual cream and sugar smell and ruthlessly the appetite. Springy surface hide a soft and juicy structure, due to the impregnation sugar syrup. The cake was eaten with tremendous pleasure and it was not enough. Without hesitation I went in search of the recipe for Greek sites. I known that this pita is executed in two versions - sweet and not sweet. That is sweet , the best option I picked... so sweet "Parasurama". By the way, the reason for this name is the technology of production of cake.

Ingredients for Rag pie

Step by step instruction of cooking Rag pie

Шаг 1

A number of products designed for a bigger form.I took the shape of 24х30 has lowered all of the products half .I also excluded the lemon zest and lemon juice and exposed to vanillin,for me that was enough.

Шаг 2

So,the form of grease with butter.
On each sheet of Filo pastry brush to apply butter.

Шаг 3

Then the sheet is folded like an accordion,perfection is not required.

Шаг 4

Fill thus the whole shape,lubricate again, "crumpled" leaves.
In the mixer original mix sugar with eggs until fluffy state.Add the milk,rust.butter,semolina ,baking powder,vanilla,zest and lemon juice(wishing)...

Шаг 5

...and pour this mixture future pie.
Bake pie at T-200* until done.
Pie to cool.

Шаг 6

For the syrup mix water with sugar and boil ten minutes.

Шаг 7

Hot syrup pour the cooled cake and leave for impregnation.

Шаг 8

Шаг 9

From myself I will add that it is lazy", Galaktoboureko",not time-consuming and costly.
I originally thought that it would be very sweet,but was at the time,I thought that would be greasy,but then I was wrong.
I love Greek food,I love Greece!Their second Home I wish you Peace and Wellbeing as You enjoy your meal!