Antipasti of peppers

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Antipasti is a mini - appetizer. Prepare them in different ways, but they are always very relevant to the harvest season. In this recipe snack of roasted peppers, with its own characteristics. Prepare for the second week in a row, enjoying, sorry, our prices on bell pepper... and a recipe from the German magazine "Lisa".

Ingredients for Antipasti of peppers

Step by step instruction of cooking Antipasti of peppers

Шаг 1

Pepper wash, cut in half, remove the seed box and bake your favorite or Your favorite way to tan.
I baked on the grill aerogrill and leave it there for a while in the "steam bath". If You baked in the oven, after baking, put hot pepper in a deep pot and cover with lid or foil. After 10-15 min skoracka will travel by herself, without the slightest effort..

Шаг 2

The cooled pepper peel and cut into quarters.

Шаг 3

The marinade is the fill. Very finely chop the shallots. Put in a saucepan the onion, the Bay leaf and add all the ingredients for the marinade. Let the marinade boil.

In the recipe, the original need to use dry white wine but I substituted half the portion of white balsamic vinegar.

Шаг 4

Pour the prepared hot pepper marinade and let stand at least 3 hours, but preferably overnight. Checked - will be better!
And the peppers and onions in these appetizer - simply delicious!

Шаг 5

Then remove antipasti in the fridge... if not eating immediately!

Шаг 6

But I believe in it with difficulty... Bon appetit!