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Salmon in puff pastry with zucchini

Salmon in puff pastry with zucchini

Can such a recipe exists but I decided to do it today of what I had. The dish is very difficult to call a diet and easy, despite the zucchini and fish as in the recipe is puff pastry. But the dish turned out delicious, juicy and airy :)

Cooking time 50 minutes Number of servings1

Ingredients for Salmon in puff pastry with zucchini

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Salmon in puff pastry with zucchini

Step 1

The ingredients required for this dish.

Step 2

Leeks, slice as you like. I cut the slices.
Zucchini cut same circles.
The leeks fry quite a bit to remove the intense flavor. I fried in olive oil with Chile. If you want the taste of leeks was prevalent in the finished dish, you can do without preliminary roasting.
Then in a pan add the zucchini. Diminish the fire to low and leave for 3-4 minutes. Fry the zucchini on both sides. In General, without roasting to do, will be more useful ;)

Step 3

The crucial moment came. Meeting of puff pastry and zucchini. Spread cute kruglyashi on the bottom edge of the dough. Add Provencal herbs. They include: oregano, Basil, thyme. (I have no rosemary)

Step 4

Up put the salmon and sprinkle with salt.

Step 5

Put the salmon on the leeks.
Next spread the parsley. What do you like more. I have it next to the zucchini and leeks.

Step 6

The next step for me would be torture. The dough should wrap it up and give a beautiful shape. Put in a preheated 180° oven. Pierce in several places holes *the dough is not broke, not cracked and not swollen to the size of the balloon* Bake for 35-45 minutes. Time depends on what kind of a ruddy crust you want and the thickness of the piece of salmon.