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Pork leg in Belarusian

Pork leg in Belarusian

Grushinsky festival... the Legendary festival for lovers of bard songs and not only. There are going to kindred spirit, people from different corners of our planet. Those who cherish campfire gatherings, spiritual meeting with friends, singing and playing guitar. Food tourists rather monotonous. Young people mostly eats food from the bags. Holders of more-or-less puffy purses eat at the numerous street cafes. We're solid people, made a feast of the abdomen. Each family came with a set of products and with its speciality. Products was taking so much that each family could feed all the inhabitants of our camp. Want to mention that this is not the tradition. I usually cook soups, tea berry branches. The evening barbecue. Delicious, hearty, easy. One dish from our menu grusinskaya I want to share. His recipe brought friends from Belarus.

Cooking time 300 minutes Number of servings10

Ingredients for Pork leg in Belarusian

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Pork leg in Belarusian

Step 1

Feet to be soaked for several hours in cold water. Clean.

Step 2

To get a pedicure.

Step 3

Again to clean near the toes.

Step 4

Wash, cut in half lengthwise.

Step 5

Fold in the pot.

Step 6

Pour salt, pepper, spices and onions.
Pomarinovat about 2 hours.

Step 7

Add water to just cover the top layer.

Step 8

Cook on low heat for about 3 hours.

Step 9

When the meat will flake off the bones, legs ready. Lay them on a dish. Sprinkle with finely chopped garlic. Decorate with a grid of ketchup and mayonnaise.

Step 10

Anticipating the questions and accusations, explain. Accurate products weight indicate virtually impossible. Everything is regulated on the basis of the number of acquired legs.
Next. The dish was not mine. I just recorded the process. Served it that way. I wouldn't pour ketchup and especially mayonnaise. Just would sprinkle herbs. But it's the taste of everyone. Who he loves. One can say that it was very tasty. Moreover, this dish is absorbed in nature, and was generously laced with smoky Grushin fire.