Chicken with mushrooms, baked in pita bread

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Invented to bake marinated chicken fillets that way. It turned out just amazing! Meat is tender and incredibly delicious! You can eat as a main dish and a side dish. Plus, dishes are also that it is very easy to prepare, can handle any hostess))

Ingredients for Chicken with mushrooms, baked in pita bread

Step by step instruction of cooking Chicken with mushrooms, baked in pita bread

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For the amazing taste, I recommend to marinate the chicken in the evening: cut filet, as for the meatballs, slightly (without enthusiasm.) meat tenderizer, salt, grate herbs spices, folded in a bowl and pour marinade sauce (cream+white wine+crushed garlic). Instead of salt I used soy sauce. Put all night in the fridge. Also in the evening you can fry chopped mushrooms with onions.

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Form cover with foil (it can be a bit of oil to lubricate, not stuck to anything) and put a pita bread like in the picture. Start at the bottom put chicken meatballs in a single layer.

Шаг 3

On top lay a layer of mushrooms, and slices of cheese. Then again a layer of meat, mushrooms, cheese. And so, until all the chicken is not over. I got 5 layers. All this is beautifully wrapped with pita bread.

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Close the foil and carefully (!) we stamp our chickens. From top to put a light press for 5 minutes (e.g., juice pack). Put it into the preheated oven for about 40 minutes (the oven in all individual))). The temperature is about 200 degrees. Then take out the dish, remove the top foil and pour on top of bread with beaten egg (for beautiful color). Put again in the oven (without the top foil) for 10 minutes to zarumyanilsya crust!