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Towers of pancakes

Towers of pancakes

I probably won't make the opening, if I say that pancakes are one of the favorite dishes of almost every family, But sometimes you want to present them as something new... so I think of me like towers of pancakes. Did a layer of meat and tomato fillings and a very interesting Breakfast. My family was satisfied. And what do you need mom? Look, I'll treat you!

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Ingredients for Towers of pancakes

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Towers of pancakes

Step 1

For this Breakfast, we naturally need pancakes. I bake them as follows.
In fat yogurt (in my case it was the yogurt from homemade milk) add salt, soda, egg and lightly whisk it with a whisk. Gradually add the sifted flour, carefully mixing the same with a whisk.

Step 2

In the pan pour a little sunflower oil and fry pancakes in the size suitable to my molds for baking. Usually everything is fried in oil I put on paper towel to remove excess fat.

Step 3

Tomatoes incise, pour over boiling water, peel, cut into medium-sized. Stew in vegetable oil 4-5 minutes to start to evaporate the juice. Then season with salt to taste, put the Basil leaves, and a spoonful of tomato paste to the sauce slightly thickens. A few minutes on the fire and ready!

Step 4

At the bottom of the molds to put the pancakes on top of chicken, sprinkle lightly with cheese.

Step 5

To cover it is nice. Top teaspoon with a slide of tomato toppings, and sprinkle cheese.