The ear of Chugunov

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The ear is prepared quickly and it turns out very tasty, with the fewest ingredients, but using togunov - small fish with the smell of fresh cucumber. The tugun — freshwater fish kind of whitefish. Endemic to Siberia, it inhabits rivers that flow into the Arctic ocean from Ob to Yana.

Ingredients for The ear of Chugunov

Step by step instruction of cooking The ear of Chugunov

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So come summer with us in the far North of the Irkutsk region. In the month of July, our fishermen catch the tugun Seine. The tugun is very delicious, chubby and caviar. Arrived grandson from Irkutsk to phonevalet with his grandfather. A dream come true grandson of a plane and once on the Lower Tunguska! No amount of persuasion did not work on the small fisherman, neither gnats nor mosquitoes, nor to relax a bit from the flight! Yay! Here it is our river! That boat with all accessories, with a net already waiting for my fishermen and Camenca.

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What a beauty!

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Threw the net got toronkai. They must be rinsed in the rinse bucket to wash off the sand and scales. In a bucket of salt dissolved in a glass of 2 liters of water, is the brine. In the brine we lower our chugunkov. And the smell! Fish smells like fresh cucumbers.

Шаг 6

Made a few Tonya. Filled the bucket with fish, feed the mosquitoes and midges, and can be home.

Шаг 7

Home of Chugunov cleaned in this way: detach the head with kirochkoy.

Шаг 8

Cleaned all the fish.

Шаг 9

Clean potatoes, cut and put in a deep pan, filled with water, a little salt. She turned the stove on.

Шаг 10

Boil. Immediately add Chugunov and cook for 10 minutes. Taste for salt. Add the peppers, onion, dill. Grandson loves green onion in the ear, so there it is not visible. You can add a Bay leaf. Turned off the oven, slightly cooled ushytsia and to eat! Ear turned oily, thick, thick! Smell - you cannot pass! Yummy! Longer writing than cooking!

Шаг 11

Feed the fishermen and to sleep. And I still have the rest of Chugunov in the test should prepare for your grandson visitors.

Шаг 12

How I wish everyone who reads our recipe, treat this soup! It is a pity that the taste is beyond words! Such soup as we have for Katanga, I have not tried anywhere else!